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Yoga has evolved over thousands of years through the work of sages like Patanjali who is believed to have developed yoga as a scientific method of Holistic living. Yoga considers a human being as a whole integral personality. This divine art of the best way of living has been practiced and refined in India for thousands of years and has now been globalized. Being a complete system in itself, if adopted as a way of life, yogic practices can bestow the practitioner with ideal health at physical, mental, social and spiritual levels. Scientific studies and recent research over the last three decades have demonstrated that 'Yoga' can not only promote health and prevent diseases, but can also be used as an important method to prevent and cure a number of diseases caused by modern life- style.

SURYODAYA YOGA: Sun is the ultimate source of life and energy. Suryodaya Yoga aims to imbibe this life and energy from the rising sun through a fine blend of Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation), Asanas (proper body postures), Pranayama (rhythmic breathing), Deep and Instant relaxation techniques, Healing Yoga (Yoga therapy) and Meditation.

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